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Home Cementitious waterproofingCementitious waterproofing Revinex Flex FP A+B 32kg

Cementitious waterproofing Revinex Flex FP A+B 32kg

Cementitious waterproofing Fondaproof® A+B 32kg
Cementitious waterproofing Fondaproof® A+B 32kgCementitious waterproofing Fondaproof® A+B 32kg

Revinex Flex FP A+B 32kg

Cementitious waterproofing

2-Component waterproofing solution containing penetrating crystallization additives that seal the concrete and prevent the penetration of water for swimming pools, retaining walls, foundations, underground structures, tanks, baths, wells, tunnels, etc. and surfaces.


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Revinex Flex FP A+B 32kg

Two-component cementitious waterproofing system.


Offers excellent waterproofing and protection of concrete, cement and
lime and sand mortar, brick and stone masonry, etc. It is applied on exterior
walls, basements, foundations, reservoirs, ponds, retaining walls, roofs, balconies,
balconies, bathrooms, wells, tunnels, etc. and surfaces under tiles.


There are remarkable adhesion to stoitelnite elements ensuring their
waterproofing, even under extreme environmental conditions. Resists
positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Protects concrete from corrosion.

Technical characteristics:

Mixing ratio A: B = 25: 7
Drying time (at 20 ° C): 1-2 hours
Operating time after mixing: 3:00
Minimum working temperature: 8 ° C
Consumption: 2-3 kg / m2 for two coats

Application Method:

Substrate Preparation: The substrate must be clean, dry, dust-free, without
greasy and other not well attached to her materials. Cavities or other
shortcomings should be handled. Component B may be used as
primer, to achieve stabilization of the substrate.
Preparation of the mixture: Gradually add component A (powder) to B
(liquid) and mixed with a low speed stirrer (to avoid air capturing)
until mixture homogenise..


Apply the mixture immediately after mixing with a brush, preferably in two
layer, the second is applied perpendicularly to the first one.

Shelf life:

18 months in sealed original packaging, in a dry environment.