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      Liquid waterproofing Neoroof

      Elastic energy saving roofing waterproofing with insulating properties

      Reflects the sun rays more than 88%,lower the temperature in the attic space with up to 5 degrees lower in summer
      • Reduce the temperature in the attic space with up to 30%
      Saves electricity for cooling

      Price for two coats: 5.50 lev. / M2 to 13 lev. / M2 VAT depending on the base (in the price included and primer Revinex®)


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      Liquid waterproofing Neoroof
      Liquid waterproofing NeoroofLiquid waterproofing NeoroofLiquid waterproofing NeoroofLiquid waterproofing NeoroofLiquid waterproofing NeoroofLiquid waterproofing NeoroofLiquid waterproofing Neoroof


      NEOROOF® is a one-component liquid waterproofing material, a combination of acrylic and polyurethane water-based of white color and very good reflectivity. The material polymerizes (hardens) of solar radiation and creates breathable seamless waterproofing membrane with an extremely smooth and hard (but flexible) film that traps dirt and keeps long snow-white color. Unlike pure polyurethanes does not change color, and the roof area is twice as large, does not require special solvents and no heavy and health hazardous odor. The waterproofing may be used for a long period of time after it has been opened once and is compatible with old acrylic and polyurethane coatings.

      Neoroof shows resistance to extreme weather conditions from -35ºC to + 85ºC and durability of waterproofing coating over 10 years.


      Waterproofing of:

            Roofs of concrete, terraces, cement based surfaces
            Repair of roofs with bituminous membranes
            Metallic surfaces
            Nearby and under photovoltaic panels increase their efficiency
            Air ducts
            New or old layers of polyurethane waterproofing
            Insulation polyurethane and polycarbonate plates
            Glass surfaces
            Old roofs made of asbestos

      (Some surfaces need priming with a suitable primer before applying of Neoroof®)


            Waterproof coating heat-insulating properties.
            Creates an elastic seamless waterproof membrane.
            Allows human traffic on the roof.
            Covers capillary cracks and provides full protection against moisture.
            Prevents the accumulation of dust and retains whiteness, thermo-reflective properties and smooth surface.
            Economical, easily applied, high coverage
            One component water based, safe for the end user and the environment
            Does not prevent the release of moisture from the building, thus improving the thermal comfort conditions in the inner premises.
            Reduces the temperature of the surface of the bituminous membrane, thus delaying the aging thereof. Combined with Revinex ®- primer seals the mineral slate of bitumen membranes and keeps longer their life.

      Application Method:

      Substrate Preparation

      The substrate must be clean, dry, dust-free, without greasy and other not well attached to it materials.


      To seal any cracks and prepare the surface for better adhesion and coverage are recommended primer binding REVINEX®, diluted with water in the ratio 1: 3.


      Thoroughly mix the product in the container. After coating is applied at least two layers cross NEOROOF® with roller or brush. NEOROOF® diluted with 5-10% water for the first layer. Each layer is applied after 24 hours without dilution.

      It is recommended that the application of NEOROOF® on boards at least 30 cm in height.

      When applied to bituminous membranes priming with REVINEX® in 1-2 layers, with dilution Revinex®: water - 1: 3 and at least two layers NEOROOF


             Neoroof should not be applied in humid conditions or when it is expected to be predominantly wet (rain) during the drying of the product.
             The application temperature is 5-35 ° C
             For special applications or when covered cracks - greater than 2 mm Neoroof can be reinforced with specially designed veil woven polyester Geotextile. In such cases should be made at least 3 layers of product.

      Product details:

           Type: White, liquid (NEOROOF NORDIC - terracotta color);
           Elasticity - 300%;
           Density (ISO 8962): 1.30 g / cc;
           pH (ISO 1148): 8-9;


      - 0.5 to 0.65 kg / in two layers (cement surfaces);
      - 0.8 to 1.00 kg / in two layers (bituminous membranes);
      - 0.3 to 0.4 kg / in two layers (metal surfaces);

           Drying time: 2-3 hours (25 C °);
           Drying time between layers: 24 hours (25 C °);
           Packaging - 1 kg, 4 kg, 13 kg.

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