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Neopox® Special epoxy paint

Neopox® Special epoxy paint

Two-component (3:1) epoxy coating with excellent mechanical properties in 9 basic colors. Suitable for protection of
concrete floors and structures, steel structures, boats from the influence of aggressive industrial and marine environments. Prior to application is not necessary primer (except metal surfaces).
Consumption: 250-330gr / m2 for 2 layers

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Two-component epoxy based floor paint


In industry, garages, workshops, shop floor - Metallic, concrete or cement-based storage tanks for swimming pools, boats, metal structures in direct access to sea water and indoor Withstands temperatures between -50 ° C and 140 ° C

Features and benefits:

      Withstand temperatures between -50 ° C and 140 ° C.
      Significant traction on cement surfaces
      Excellent resistance to water, sea water, alkalis, petroleum derivatives, industrial atmosphere and adverse weather conditions
     Resistance to dilute acids, detergents and high abrasion resistance
     No need for primer (except metal surfaces)
     A wide variety of standard tsvetovee wear and weather conditions, and thus prolongs their useful life


     Appearance: Gloss
     Density (A + B): 0.98-1.25 g / cm3
     Mixing ratios (proportions): 75A: 75B in color, 70A: 30B in transparent
     Taber abrasion (CS 10/1000/1000): 57mg
     Consumption: 250-350gr / m2 (2 layers)
     Drying time: 2-3 hours at 25 ° C.
     Time to recoat: 24 to 06 hours (depending on temperature)
     Clearance: 24 hours. (coating is completely solidified after 7-10 days)

by Гост, 25 May 2018

Направихме подовете на сервиза и станаха страхотно. Много е здраво и се почиства бързо.

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