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      Structured polycarbonate sheet

      Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers. These residues of the monomers are combined with the carbon groups (-O-CO-O-) in a long molecular chain.They are widely used, one of which is for glasses.

      Polycarbonate has high impact resistance. Resistant to external influences. The material is not altered by weathering, as a special UV-protective layer. Does not modify the mechanical and optical properties in a temperature range from -40 to + 120 ° C.

      The thermal conductivity has an important role in the use of polycarbonate for the glazing of buildings. It contributes to the thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Air layer sandwiched between layers of cellular polycarbonate has excellent thermal insulator. Even the thin plates 4 mm thick with twice superior degree of thermal insulation with a simple glazing.This achieves 30% energy saving.

      The flexibility of the sheets makes it an ideal material for covering the surface with a complex geometric shape. Thanks to the elastic links the polycarbonate is susceptible to bending, even in a cold state as it does not affect the strength of the sheet. Each thickness of the panels is characterized by a certain minimum bend radius.

      Polycarbonate is a Flameproof. It stops the spread of fire and thermal destruction not threatening. This means that combustion is not accompanied by the emission of noxious substances, such as other types of plastics, . It is environmentally safe.

      Polycarbonate is longlasting and does not modify its properties long time.The guarantee for preserving the quality of cellular polycarbonate is for 10-12 years.

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