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      We are dedicated to offering the best customer service, excellent prices and fast deliveries.
      We spend quality time perfecting our offerings. Thus our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work.


      "Izobul Bulgaria" Ltd. knows that the reputation of a company is built on the good work of the people behind the name. That's why we bet on a team of technically competent and motivated people, which helps us to affirm success on the Bulgarian market.


      We strive to offer our customers not only a wide range of high quality products of leading brands in the field of waterproofing, but also a truly professional service.


      Our main goal and what unites "Izobul Bulgaria" Ltd. with You our customers is the simple desire to "be there for You and everything to be fine," or else the pleasure of an effective communication logically lead to the desired result, and of course to some good partnership.


      We aim to achieve the best customer service, excellent prices and fast delivery.


      "Izobul Bulgaria" Ltd  -  "The Power to choose"