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      Neodur Varnish

      Neodur® Varnish


      Neodur® Varnish is a two component, acrylic-polyurethane clear varnish, cured with aliphatic polyisocyanates. It contains UV filters. It is suitable for the protection of cement based surfaces, such as decorative cement screed

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      Transparent waterproofing Neodur Varnish
      Transparent waterproofing Neodur VarnishTransparent waterproofing Neodur Varnish

      Neodur® Varnish


      Transparent two-component polyurethane varnish, based on aliphatic polyisocyanates. Has long-term sustainability of solar radiation, not yellow or lose its luster even after many years. High chemical and mechanical resistance (diluted acids, alkalis). Very good adhesion on polyester and galvanized steel.

      Fields of application

                Protecting decorative cement
                Protection of internal and external surfaces with low voltage
                Compatible with Neopox® Pool, as a means of additional protection against UV radiation
                Protection of stone surfaces
                Suitable for protection of decorative bricks


                High strength and abrasion resistance
                Long resistance against weathering due to high resistance to UV radiation
                Resistance to water, sea water, alkalis, ideal as a UV protective layer in pools

      Technical specifications

            Polyurethane varnish
            Color: transparent
            Density: 0.98 g / cm3
            Mixing ratios (weight prop.): 7,2A: 2,8B (gloss)
            Mixing ratios (weight prop.): 7,6A: 2,8B (mat)
            Taber abrasion (CS 10/1000/1000): 42 mg
            Consumption: 125-165 g / m2
            Drying time: 2-3 hours (low temperature and high humidity during application extend drying)
            Time overlap: 24 hours
            Embankment: 12-18 hours at 25 ° C
            Time: 1 hour at 25 ° C


      Sets: 1 kg, 5 kg

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