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Epoxy resin Epoxol® Putty

Epoxy resin Epoxol® Putty
Epoxy resin Epoxol® PuttyEpoxy resin Epoxol® PuttyEpoxy resin Epoxol® Putty

Two-component adhesive-bonding system based он epoxide resin and hardener

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Epoxol® Putty


Two-component adhesive - Epoxy resin and filling compound, a thick paste
EPOXOL ® Putty consists of pure resins and hardeners do not contain solvents, diluents or fillers. It has a high viscosity and thus fills large gaps without flowing.


EPOXOL ® Putty is suitable when the required temperature resistance and mechanical stress, corrosive substances and sealing of voda.Preporachva for strong bonding of metals, concrete, wood, ceramics, building materials, joints, insulation boards, polyester, hard plastics (eg. PVC), etc. The product is suitable for repair of damage to automobiles, yachts, boats, fuel tanks, sewage pipes and etc.Can be reinforced with glass fibers (fiberglass), carbon fiber (Carbon Fiber), and reinforced with aramid (Kevlar) fibers.

Mixing A to B

     The standard dose of mixing is 1 part of component A to 1 part of component B / by weight /. Small deviations from this ratio is not significantly influence the final result.
     Mixing 2 parts of component A and 1 part component B - gets very solid, which is used for: fixing of reinforcement for concrete, applied in electrical engineering and electronics;
     Mixing 1 part of component A with from 2 to 2.5 of the component B - the product obtained is used where flexibility is required - such as expansion joints or openings which are subjected to contraction and expansion.

The usual dose of the binder mixture is 1: 1 (A komopnent: B component).

Technical data:

     Good resistance to fresh and sea water
     Excellent resistance to detergents
     Excellent resistance to alkalis
     Very good resistance to dilute acids
     Excellent resistance to fuels and lubricants
     Hardening at 20 ° C: approx. 5-6 hours
     Ability to work at 20 ° C: approx. 2:00
     Full cure: 5-7 days

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