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Home PrimersRevinex® - Multipurpose primer

Revinex® - Multipurpose primer

Revinex® - Multipurpose primer
Revinex® - Multipurpose primerRevinex® - Multipurpose primerRevinex® - Multipurpose primer

High-quality multi functional co-polymer emulsion with exceptional adhesion properties and effective water resistance, specially designed to enhance the quality of the cement mortar.

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Fields of application

Revinex ® is particularly suitable for:

¨ formation of waterproof coatings for walls, basements, tanks and roofs
¨ industrial flooring for warehouses and factories
¨ making mortar for leveling floors before covering with tiles
¨ adhesive solutions for fixing tiles on floors and roofs
¨ repairing of damaged concrete structures (eg stairs)
¨ connecting new concrete layers to Old
¨ corrosion protection of concrete reinforcement
¨ exterior sculptures
¨ reinforce cement waterproofing materials
¨ priming new cement elastic waterproofing systems (Revinex ® Flex 2006, Neoroof ® 2K) and insulating elastomeric waterproofing dust-free coatings (such Neotherm ®, Neoroof ®, Silatex ® Reflect)


Adding the emulsion Revinex ® in mortars provides:

¨ excellent impermeability to water
¨ increases adhesion of each substrate
¨ construction of very thin layers restoration
¨ reduced water-cement content for equal working mixtures
¨ increases wear resistance and thus wear are obtained, and thereafter dust-free coatings
¨ fracture coatings that withstand the contractions and expansions
¨ increased flexural strength and tensile strength and improved durability against freezing
¨ reducing shrinkage (to 700%) during the setting of cement
¨ increase sustainability of hydrochloric, lactic and acetic acid